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- Disturbed - 12-17-2006

Disturbed: Hey Reno!! Fetch!!! *tosses the record like a frisbee*

The capsule contains the flying record

- DragonMasterX - 12-17-2006

Reno: FRISBEEEEEEEEE! *Suddenly starts chasing it over the ocean, running on the water*

Capsule contains a Myrmiddon.

- Kurtz - 12-17-2006

SC Kurtz: *grabs Myrmiddon, and smiles* Hey, wanna go back to my place?~

Capsule contains directness.

- DragonMasterX - 12-17-2006

DMX: *Grabs a lizard girl from her waist* Hey, want to come and see my husky? Then we can play with this dog.

Reno: *Follows*

Capsule contains secondary times.

- Disturbed - 12-17-2006

Yay for seconds *yiffs a random furry making her orgasm two times right in a row*

The capsule contains a shower

- DragonMasterX - 12-17-2006

Dot: Yay! I wanted to have a shower! *Quickly takes her clothes off and enters the shower*

Capsule contains a stalker.

- Kurtz - 12-17-2006

Kurtz: *quickly follows after Dot and watches her from a corner quietly* Does this count?~~ *drool*

Capsule contains a video.

- Disturbed - 12-17-2006

*grabs some popcorn, sits, and watches*

The capsule contains a female anthro bunny

- Crimson Fox - 12-19-2006

Crimson: *chuckles before jumping in the capsule, several yiffing sounds coming forth from the capsule*

The capsule contains Bahamut.

- Shadowknight - 12-20-2006

Shadow: Please don't eat me.

Bahamut: RARRRR!!!!

Slashmon: *Appears in ghostly form* Use the spam young one.

Shadow: Oh yeah, *Snaps his fingers and Bahamut shrinks down to human size and becomes a very well built dragoness with large butterfly like wings* I love you, *Kisses his fingers*

The capsule contains Ramen.