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- Shadowknight - 11-11-2006

Shadow: Hi.

Shadow: Hi.

Shadow: I like swords.

Shadow: NO WAY! I like swords!

Shadow: DUDE!

Shadow: Do you like porno?

Shadow: TOTALLY!

Slashmon: OH HELL NO!! *Decapitates one of the Shadow's* DON'T I SUFFER ENOUGH!?

The capsule contains the grim reaper.

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006


The capsule contains shavings from the back of a very hairy man

- Shadowknight - 11-12-2006

*Sets fire to the capsule and throws it into a church* That's gonna be funny when the hair catches.

The capsule contains...

(V V)o


- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

Saphire: Awwww cute bunny *huggles the bunny*

The capsule contains a puppy

- Crimson Fox - 11-12-2006

Monica: Yay, cute puppy! *huggles it*

The capsule contains blueberry yogurt.

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

Hey I love yogurt *grabs a giant spoon and starts shoveling it into hos maw*

The capsule contains a plushy of Ada

- DragonMasterX - 11-12-2006

Mar: *Grabs the plushy and snuggles*

Capsule contains growth pills.

- Shadowknight - 11-12-2006

Shady: *Runs up quickly and swallows the capsule before Shadow can pick it up*

Shadow: Oh that won't end well.

Shady: *Starts swelling up and grows to the size of a large house* RUF RUF RUF!!

The capsule contains a laser gun.

- Crimson Fox - 11-12-2006

Crimson: Laser gun...meh, death rays are the way to go. *zaps an innocent bystander into dust*

The capsule contains radioactive waste.

- Shadowknight - 11-12-2006

Shadow: Cool... Isn't this supposed to give me super powers?

*next day*

Doctor: You have cancer. Probably from that radioactive waste. Why the hell would you touch that stuff?

Shadow: To get super powers.

Doctor: That's just stupid. You get powers from radioactive animals, not waste.

The capsule contains a tarantula.