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- Crimson Fox - 12-16-2006

Crimson: Hiya Saph, need a hand? *pulls her out of the capsule*

The capsule contains a parallel universe.

Femme Crimson: *look out from the capsule* Hiya...um, how did I get here?

- Disturbed - 12-16-2006

Silver: *opens the capsule and jumps in and closes it* Hello..

The capsule contains Silver and Femme Crimson

- Gol22 - 12-16-2006

Gol: Oh, hey you two, ill leave ya alone. *set capsule with them aside*

Capsule contains Emerald

- Disturbed - 12-16-2006

Ummm I dont have any..*blinks* well there Wengren or David...ummm

David: *jumps into the capsule and starts yiffing with Emerald*

The capsule contains Emerald yiffing with a Tauren

- Kurtz - 12-16-2006

Kurtz: I wonder sometimes how you're characters exist without a profile in the SDP area, but. *shrugs* Oh ell.

The capsule contains Nath and Saph.

- Disturbed - 12-16-2006

Saphire: *giggles* Do not disturb *closes capsule door and passionetly yiffs Nath with love*

The capsule contains love

- Kurtz - 12-16-2006

Kurtz: Aw. How cute.

The capsule contains another drawing of Saph and Nath done by me.

- Disturbed - 12-16-2006

Disturbed: I dont care I'm hugging it *huggles picture*

The capsule contains Saphire

- Kurtz - 12-16-2006

Kurtz: Oh, here. *hands her that naked yiffy picture of Nath lying down on a bed fully exposed* Enjoy.

The capsule contains that picture,

- Disturbed - 12-16-2006

Saphire: *takes the picture* Aww he looks so cutie *huggles picture*

The capsule contains a Saphire picture with her sitting in a tub playing with a rubber ducky x3