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- Gol22 - 12-06-2006

Gol: wee! *aims it and fires getting pushed back a bit* all gone!

Capsule contains a mad cat scatching everywhere!

- Disturbed - 12-06-2006

Damn cat!!! Fuck you!!!

The capsule contains a tiger

- Gol22 - 12-10-2006

Gol: AH! *throws capsule away quickly with tiger in it* whew....

Capsule contains someone scratching blackboard with nails

- Disturbed - 12-10-2006

*shivers go down spine*

The capsule contains this picture http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a295/Ninja_Ryukenden/Nath-Saph.jpg

- Gol22 - 12-12-2006

Gol: *gasp* Ooooo.....damn he's good at drawing...

Capsule contains a scanner for me!

- Disturbed - 12-12-2006

Yay!!! I need one of those!!

The capsule contains christmas

- Crimson Fox - 12-16-2006

Crimson: Oh right, the Christmas episode of Family Guy, friggen' sweet.

The capsule contains Monica's Christmas cookies.

- Disturbed - 12-16-2006

Saphire: *takes the cookie and takes a nibble and smiles cutely* Excellenat as always Monica!! *giggles*

The capsule contains a hug from Saphire

- Crimson Fox - 12-16-2006

Monica: Aww, thankies Saphy. *huggles her*

The capsule contains a Masamune.

- Disturbed - 12-16-2006

*takes the Masamune* I still dont have a clue what these look like *shrugs*

The capsule contains Saphire

Saphire: Huh? Hey who put me in here?