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- Crimson Fox - 11-25-2006

Crimson: Alright, that's my favorite meal of the day! *munches on the breakfast buffet before him in the capsule*

The capsule contains a bunny.

- Disturbed - 11-25-2006

Saphire: Aww cute!! *pets the bunny*

The capsule contains some cheese

- Crimson Fox - 11-25-2006

Crimson: *munches on the cheese happily* Yay, swiss!

The capsule contains a sniper rifle.

- Disturbed - 11-25-2006

Raize: I'll take that..thank you *goes and hides*

The capsule contains a lab

- Crimson Fox - 11-25-2006

Crimson: A lab...in a capsule? *looks in and is tackled by a Labrador Retriever* Ugh, I've been pun-ished.

Zorromon: *shakes his head as he hits the drums*

The capsule contains a book of really bad puns.

- Disturbed - 11-25-2006


The capsule contains a drawing

- Crimson Fox - 11-25-2006

Crimson: *looks at the drawing, a poorly drawn picture of himself* Aww, this is one of Ada's drawings when she was a kid.

Ada: *blushes a bit under her fur before she swipes the picture back*

The capsule contains a comic book.

- Disturbed - 11-25-2006

Oh hey its the Southern Cross Manga!!

Disturbed: *looks over Ada's shoulder* Hey thats pretty goo

The capsule contains a compliment

- DragonMasterX - 11-25-2006

I knew it already.

Capsule contains modesty.

- Crimson Fox - 11-25-2006

Ada: *smiles a little, a small blush under her fur* Don't kid around, wolf boy, it's not that great.

The capsule contains a statue.