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- Gol22 - 11-23-2006

Gol: Ahhhhhh.....these are yours....*tosses it on Distubed's head*

Emerald: Gol, I.....*gasp* Steve! *gets on all fours and lays on belly* Your tiny! *pats his head with finger*

Steve: *sweatdrops*

Capsule contains another cure

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

*gives it to Steve* Hope it works

The capsule contains Steve with the cure

- Gol22 - 11-23-2006

Steve: *uses cure on self and returns to normal height* YES! *looks down at Emerald* Oh...hey Emerald.

Emerald: *looks up at him then stands in front of him and hugs* Heya Steve.

Capsule contains a top hat

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

*puts it on my dog* ^.^

The capsule contains a black labrador with a top hat on.

- Gol22 - 11-24-2006

Gol: *gasp* ......cuuuute.....

Capsule contains hot wax

- Disturbed - 11-24-2006

Disturbed: *looks at Renamon*
Renamon: What..
Disturbed: hehe I wonder..*takes some of the hot wax*
Ranamon: :shock:

The capsule contains a defurred Renamon

- Gol22 - 11-24-2006

Renamon: :shock: MY FUR!!! *looks at Disturbed*.... :x Evil

Gol: <.<;......naked Rena... :P

Renamon: YOUR NEXT TOO!! Evil

Gol: What did i do!?

Capsule contains a very angry, naked, Renamon

- Disturbed - 11-24-2006

*spams Renamon's fur back to normal* Sorry cutie

The capsule contains Disturbed's heart filled apology

- Gol22 - 11-24-2006

Renamon: hmph....fine....

Gol: Awww....

Renamon: *glare at Gol*

Gol: *grins*

Capsule contains anything to keep her from killing me

- Disturbed - 11-24-2006

*gives it to Steve* All up to you now

The capsule contains breakfast