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- Master Grim - 11-23-2006

Me - *pounces on it* YAAAAY!!!

The capsule contains me sitting on the Blaze Board. :P

- Kurtz - 11-23-2006

Kyo: Fire Blade RI! Quarter!

Karla: YEAAAHHHHH!!! *summons a sword and chops at Pokepimp

The capsule contains Karla with the sword.

- Master Grim - 11-23-2006

Me - *eeps and falls over*

Jeth - Hiya! ^_^ *giggles at Karla*

The capsule contains me playing Burnout on a PS2.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Thats cool..Forza is better *snickers*

The capsule contains Me playing Ninja Gaiden on my Xbox

- Gol22 - 11-23-2006

Gol: YES! *plays and beat it* AGAIN!

Capsule contains a 360 with "Gears of War"

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006


The capsule contains a grizzly bear in heat

- Gol22 - 11-23-2006

Steve: Gol, its all you! *grabs him and throws him at bear*
Gol: AH! *yiffs it*

Capsule contains somethng unexpecting

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

What do you know? Its Gol and the bear..*winces* Thats not pretty

The capsule contains safe sex

- Gol22 - 11-23-2006

Steve: Right...

Capsule contains a portal leading to an unknown place

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Hey its Gols room!! I'm gonna masturbate into his dirty laundry

The capsule contains Gol's laundry