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- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Disturbed: Ummm hi...we should talk..

The capsule contains a table and two chairs

- Crimson Fox - 11-23-2006

Ada: *sighs* Fine, I'm listening Disturbed, go ahead.

The capsule contains a rose.

- DragonMasterX - 11-23-2006

*Hands it to Ada*

Capsule contains ice-cream.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Disturbed: *hands the rose to Ada* Ada last night I was not myself. That was not me at all *closing his eyes* yiffing. I just lost control of myself and befor ethe night was over it all became a blur to me. You know as much as I do that I do not act like that on a normal basis at all. I would do anything to go back and fix everything that happened last night *lowers his ears*

The capsule contains that explaination

- Kurtz - 11-23-2006

Karla: ICE-CREAM! *jumps up, opens capsule and eats* ^^

Capsule contains utopia.

- Crimson Fox - 11-23-2006

Crimson: *lounging on the beach while munching on cookie pie* Yup.

Ada: *sighs at Disturbed* I'm going to have to think about this though...

The capsule contains a hot air balloon.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Saphire: Oh yay *jumps in*

Disturbed: Take as much time as you need

The capsule contains a duck

- Crimson Fox - 11-23-2006

Crimson: A duck?

Duck: *tilts head*

Crimson: *sweatdrop*

The capsule contains a jet engine.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Silver: *attaches it to his bick* Woot *hops on and flies off*

The capsule contains beekers/beakers

- Master Grim - 11-23-2006

Me - :shock: Twisted *puts on lab coat*

The capsule contains... a cheese cake!