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- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Are you sure? *reads the note* If you say so..*fires the Gender Ray at Kurtz* There you go

The capsule contains Femme Kurtz

- Kurtz - 11-23-2006

Karla: *female form of Kurtz* Huh? EEK! *looks at Mini-Disturbed, before firing a enlarging ray at him* ...Wait.... *looks at her quite large breasts* ...Oh my....

The capsule contains a smile.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Disturbed: *smiles* Hey you look pretty good as a girl Kurtz *chuckles*

The capsule contains a grin

- Kurtz - 11-23-2006

Karla: *blushes deeply, before smiling cutely* I... I do? *looks at Disturbed, before her eyes shoot open* Oh hell no.. no, no, no, why AM I FINDING HIM ATTRACTIVE?!

The capsule contains a soft murr.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Disturbed: Mur I guess..*raises and eyebrow*

The capsule contains Disturbed asking are you staring at me

- Kurtz - 11-23-2006

Karla: *staring at Disturbed, slightly drooling* No, no, no....

The capsule contains a plan to huggle Karla.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Disturbed: Hugs arent harmful.

The capsule contains a gentle hug from Disturbed

- Kurtz - 11-23-2006

Karla: *blushing furiously, before she shakes her head* CAN'T HOLD IT! *pounces Disturbed and kisses him on the lips*

Lurea: Isn't that yaoi?

Steven: In this case, no.

The capsule contains the pounce.

- Disturbed - 11-23-2006

Disturbed: *quickly rolls out of the way*

The capsule contains Disturbed rolling away

- Kurtz - 11-23-2006

Karla: EEE! *crashes to the ground*

The capsule contains Ada.