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- Disturbed - 11-22-2006

Disturbed: *trades in the Wii for and Xbox 360*

The capsule contains Saphire's baby pictures

- Gol22 - 11-22-2006

Gol: Ooo...more pictures...*looks* awww.... :3

Capsule contains baby pictures of everyone

- Disturbed - 11-22-2006

Saphire: Oh I know *puts them all up on the homepage* There

The capsule contains Three Days Grace

- Crimson Fox - 11-22-2006

Crimson: Canadian Rock! *turns up the speakers*

The capsule contains Bahamut.

- Disturbed - 11-22-2006

Saphire: How did you get in there?

The capsule contains more Ada baby pictures

- Gol22 - 11-22-2006

Gol: didnt i already see these? oh well......awwww....:]

Capsule contains a dusty old video tape

- Crimson Fox - 11-22-2006

Ada: Where did you get those? *quickly gathers them up and stores them away*

Crimson: Aw, my little sis looked so cute in those.

Ada: Don't make me turn you into a toad...again!

Crimson: *shivers*

The capsule contains a green vial of strange liquid.

- Gol22 - 11-22-2006

Gol: Looks good....safe to drink?

Capsule contains warning label

- Disturbed - 11-22-2006


Disturbed: Sorry Ada that was kind of meant for you..*grumbls*

The capsule contains Disturbed's apology

- Gol22 - 11-22-2006

Gol: *gasp* my mistake...*gives back* its yours.

Capsule contains MY apology.