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- Disturbed - 11-22-2006

Disturbed: *looks around* Yoink!

The capsule contains a gun rack

- Gol22 - 11-22-2006

Steve: Sweeeeeeet! *grabs a better assault rifle and other weapons*

Capsule contains weapons of mass destruction

- Guilmon and a shotgun - 11-22-2006

*grins* just what i wanted! washington here i come!

- Disturbed - 11-22-2006

No capsule no buy

The capsule contains a toy store

- Kurtz - 11-22-2006

*runs in and pulls out a Renamon plushy afterwards*

The capsule contains the Varia Suit.

- Disturbed - 11-22-2006

Disturbed: *puts on the Varia suit* Now what

The capsule contains the instruction manuel

- Kurtz - 11-22-2006

Kurtz: *reading* Oh yay, you're now resistant to very hot and very cold temperatures, as well as getting a Standard Power Beam.

The capsule contains the obvious.

- Gol22 - 11-22-2006

Steve: obviousness!

Capsule contains....a weapon stronger than her armor.

- Kurtz - 11-22-2006

Kurtz: Oh god no. *throws the weapon faraway* SAMUS?!

Samus: Hu-- *weapon hits her suit and it shatters, revealing her baby blue coloured suit*

Kurtz: >X3

The capsule contains Samus.

- DJ Rocket - 11-22-2006

Rocket: How did we get original Samus and Zero Suit Samus at the same time?

This Capsule contains A Nintendo Wii with Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.