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- Disturbed - 11-20-2006

Yay I can knit now

Disturbed: *tackles Steve and starts pounding his face in* Ada's baby pictures are cute damnit!!!

The capsule contains Steve's beating

- Gol22 - 11-20-2006

Steve: AH! HEY! *grabs both of his wrists tightly* You didnt need to do that...*throws him off and stands back up*
Gol: Your such an ass...
Steve: .....

The capsule contains someones rage

- Disturbed - 11-20-2006

Disturbed: Dont need it I got plenty of it..

The capsule contains ale

- Gol22 - 11-20-2006

Gol: Oooo...ALE! *takes it and drinks it*

Capsule contains someone hot.

- Disturbed - 11-20-2006

Sorry I'm married..but hey you're still cute

The capsule contains a blow dart gun

- Crimson Fox - 11-20-2006

Crimson: Sweet... *takes it and blows a poisonous dart out for fun*

Zorromon: *walks by from the doorway* Hey, what's... *struck in the neck* Pretty colors... *falls over*

Crimson: Um... *sneaks away while whistling, quickly throwing the blowgun away*

The capsule contains the antidote.

- Gol22 - 11-20-2006

Gol: uhh..this is yours. *gives anitidote to random person*

Capsule contains a grenade

- Disturbed - 11-20-2006

*throws the grenade into a school bus* Its safe now

The capsule contains more Ada baby pictures...oh shes so cute with her little nose and..

- Gol22 - 11-21-2006

Steve: more pictures? eh...here Gol....
Gol: Oooo...awwww.....xP

Capsule contains Steve's soft side.

- Disturbed - 11-21-2006

Disturbed: *tosses in a plasma grenade* Clear...

The capsule contains pizza pie