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- blueeyedgabulvo0o - 11-18-2006


The capsule contains random member of N*Sync

- Disturbed - 11-18-2006

DARK SHOT!!! Die!!!!!

The capsule contains fried chicken

- Gol22 - 11-18-2006

Mmmm....CHICKEN! *grabs it and starts eating it*

Steve: save me some.
Steve: ....

Capsule contains a metal bat

- fred_18 - 11-18-2006

I know what to do with this...
*walks up behind a body guard, counting down from ten in his head...*
Fred_18 in the monitor room watching Fred: I wonder if he'll get him...
Fred back in the hallway:*wacks the guard hard in the head and when he hits the floor he starts hitting him like crazy*

the capsule contains a gender changing beam about to burst out...

- Gol22 - 11-18-2006

Gol: Steve, i think this is for you...
Steve: What? *looks in capsule suddenl a light changes him into a woman* O.O *female voice* WHAT THE HELL!?
Gol: LMFAO!!!

Capsule containing a camera

- fred_18 - 11-18-2006

takes picture of the pair

the capsule contains the picture of F.Steve and Gol laughing at him

- Disturbed - 11-18-2006

*takes the picture and blows it up poster size* hahaha

The capsule contains the Plushy Ray Gun

- Gol22 - 11-19-2006


Gol: Hey Steve!
Steve: *voice changes back* what?
Gol: *shoots with Plushie Ray Gun*
Steve: *shrinks into a bald plushie standing a foot tall* HEY!!!
Gol: Man i'm having the time of my life!
Steve: NO!!! IM SHORT!

Capsule containing Vodka

- Disturbed - 11-20-2006

Hey thats good *drinks*

The capsule contains Ada's baby pictures...awwww

- Gol22 - 11-20-2006

Gol: awwww....
Steve: meh...

Capsule contains a needle