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- Kurtz - 11-11-2006

Kurtz: DOT! *grabs the dildo and goes off to find her* FOUND YOU A NEW TOY!

The capsule contains a special movie. Wonder what could be on it....

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006

Damn it its another Land Before Time sequal!!! Fucking christ!!

The capsule contains Saphire

- Shadowknight - 11-11-2006

The Paris Hilton sex tape!! *puts it on Ebay*

The capsul contains nitro glycerin.

- Kurtz - 11-11-2006

Kurtz: *sweat-drops* This is doing nothing. *grabs Saphire out of Shadow's reach, before collapsing to the ground*

The capsule contains a judo master.

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006

*gets kicked in the face*

The capsule contains Gabumon

- Lonely Werewolf - 11-11-2006

Faiz : *took his skin and wears*
Gabumon : HEY! THAT'S MY SKIN!
Faiz : Who cares.

This capsule contains cracker.

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006

*opens the capsule* Oh hey its a white guy *snicker*

The capsule contains plane tickets to Argentina

- Kurtz - 11-11-2006

Kurtz: *hands one to Faiz and takes one for himself* Time to see DMX! Let's go, buddy!

The capsule contains the true image of DMX.

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006

Awww he looks so cute!!

The capsule contains cookies

- DragonMasterX - 11-11-2006


The capsule contains Basilisks.