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- Gol22 - 11-17-2006

Oooo....*looks at Disturbed* uhh.....i think this is yours...

Capsule contains a extremely large rubber band

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Yes!!! *talks the large rubber band and shoots paper clips at Goliath*

The capsule contains new thermo goggles

- Gol22 - 11-17-2006

AHh my eyes! Whats this? thermal? I have that already...

Capsule contains C4 with remote detonator

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Great...*presses the button and his pants explode* GOLIATH!!!!

The capsule contains sleeping gas

- Gol22 - 11-17-2006

What its not my fault *take the sleeping gas* sweet, i never had this before. *pin falls of and gas is released making Gol fall on ground asleep*


Capsule contains the cure!

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Cool now I can put a ransom on it and make you pay for it muwahahahah
Saphire: But hes asleep how will he pay the ransom?
Its a work in progress

The capsule contains a *sweatdrop*

- Gol22 - 11-17-2006

*sweatdrops in sleep*

Gol: ZZz....darn...Zz....gas....Zzzzzzz

Capsule contains a bowling ball

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Saphire: *levitates the bowling ball and throws it at Disturbed* Wake him up!!
Disturbed: Okay okay!!! *kicks Goliath* wake up

The capsule contains a kick to the stomach

- Gol22 - 11-17-2006

Gol: *gets kicked in stomache by Disturbed* GAH! Ooooowww! geez im up im up!

Capsule contains a tazer

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Saphire: *tazes Disturbed* You didnt have to kick him
Disturbed: Ouch!! Sorry

The capsule contains and apology