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- DJ Rocket - 11-17-2006

Rocket: I don't know, should I hug it?

Rika: No, it could be a trap.

Kari and T.K.: Get rid of it.

*Megamon torches plushie with flamethrower*

This capsule contain rare hentai.

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Huh I think I've seen this before actually

Ebon: You torched my plushy??

The capsule contains a flamedramon plushy

- Crimson Fox - 11-17-2006

Jedrek: <.< >.> *runs off with the Flamedramon plushy*

The capsule contains the Key to the City.

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

*puts it in his pocket* Never know you might need it *whistles*

The capsule contains a Spell Book bookcase XD

- Crimson Fox - 11-17-2006

Ada: *looks at it* Darn, I already have one like this...hmmm, I'm sure Saphire would like it though. *levitates it with her magic and wraps it up, transporting it to Saphire*

Present: *has a card on it that says, "To my little sis...From Ada"

The capsule contains a candy bar, yay!

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Disturbed: *eats the candy bar* I hate Coconut...

Saphire: *blinks* Oh thank you Ada!! Oh I'm gonna fill it up right now *fills up her new bookcase of her spellbooks*

The capsule contains a thank you card for Ada

- Crimson Fox - 11-17-2006

Ada: *smiles as she reads the card* Aw, that's really nice.

The capsule contains Flamedramon Yaoi... :shock:

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

DIE BASTARD!!! *throws 10,000 grenades into the capsule* I hate yaoi!!!

The capsule contains more new magic..

- Gol22 - 11-17-2006

Gol: Magic? i dont use magic...

Capsule contains a very long barrel sniper rifle

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Sniper Rifle? *throws Sniper Rifle away* All I need is my big ass sword

The capsule contains Disturbed's Fury...this is the third time already!!