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- Disturbed - 11-16-2006

Hey its Crimson's pie tank *gets in it and goes for a ride*

Disturbed: What was that for?

The capsule contains a solution

- blueeyedgabulvo0o - 11-17-2006

Use the solution to make some nice vanilla cookies! ^^

The capsule contains, something new, something old and something borrowed...

- Master Grim - 11-17-2006

Me - o.o ... *takes out a sock, a cd and a lawn mower* !?!

The capsule now contains something you have always wanted... Wink

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Hey its Mindy!!! *chuckles*

The capsule contains a bean bag chair

- Master Grim - 11-17-2006

Me - *asleep on the bean bag*

The capsule now contains P-Yunine. ^_^

- Kurtz - 11-17-2006

Kurtz: *HUGGLE*

The capsule contains P-Kurtz.

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

Saphire: Awww how cute *picks up P-Kurtz and cuddles* should I change you back?

The capsule contains P-Saphire

- Master Grim - 11-17-2006

White - *snuggles P-Kurtz* ^u^

The capsule contains a plate of Whites cookies! ^.^

- Disturbed - 11-17-2006

*tastes a cookie* Hey these are awsome cookies!! *gobbles up the cookies*

The capsule contains and Ebon Plusy

- DJ Rocket - 11-17-2006

Rocket: I don't know, should I hug it?

Rika: No, it could be a trap.

Kari and T.K.: Get rid of it.

*Megamon torches plushie with flamethrower*

This capsule contain rare hentai.