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RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Crimson Fox - 05-28-2010

Crimson: Don't know what it is, but I'll give it a try. XP

The capsule contains a mini-chainsaw.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 05-28-2010

Its adorably dangerous!

Capsule contains FAIL!

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - TheBHB - 05-30-2010

Christian Weston Chandler: "I NAME IS NOT IAN! BRANDON! SOMETHING!!!"

Capsule contains Tom Servo.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Crimson Fox - 06-05-2010

Crimson: Eh, I don't really know who that is. *keeps the capsule shut*

The capsule contains a huge fish.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 06-10-2010

*hangs it onto wall* Victory!

Capsule contains Ron Burgundy

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Crimson Fox - 06-17-2010

Nice! Now we can take down those fuckers from channel 69. :P

The capsule contains a full pot of Irish Coffee.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - DarkChibimon - 06-19-2010

Dark: *wearing the RED demoman's outfit from TF2* Now that's that stuff. *drinks down the whole pot*

The capsule contains the demoman's Sticky bomb Launcher

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Crimson Fox - 06-23-2010

Crimson: Cool! *runs off to cause mischief and mayhem*

The capsule contains giant enemy crabs!

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 06-26-2010

*hops onto and plants heavy explosives inside its shell jumping off and detonating* Victory!

Capsule contains the best sniper in the world!

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - [MEN] Keiro Starr - 06-27-2010

TF2 Sniper: "One's a job, the other's mental sickness!!"

This capsule contains Conan O'Brien