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RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Frisk E. Coyote - 07-14-2007

Ray: Th- the Deus Stone!! I-

Giro: *appears in a burst of speed and snatches it* -Thaaank you. *whoosh!*

Ray: No- WAIT!! *runs off*

The capsule contains a an original character creation gem.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Kalyx - 07-18-2007

Kalyx: *shoves capsule into pocket* "Never know when I'll need this...maybe soon!"

The capsule contains the means to change your past...can use it just five times.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Ghostiemon - 07-18-2007

fine lets see i change evrything i regret doing
thats one

capsule contains the other 4

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Disturbed - 07-27-2007

Uses it once to change the 1997 National Championship so Michigan would be sole owners of the title.

The capsule contains a toothbrush

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Crimson Fox - 09-19-2008

Excellent, let plague flee in terror! Bwahahahaha! *brushes teeth*

The capsule contains cherry pie delivered by a cute vixen.

Monica: Would you like ice cream with that?

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - DarkChibimon - 09-22-2008

Dark: I...um...s-sure...*@.@*

The capsule contains a DarkVeemon, tied and gagged up

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Crimson Fox - 09-24-2008

Monica: *squeals and hugs him tight to her chest* Such a cutie! Let's get you free so I can get started loving you forever and ever.

The capsule contains blue jeans.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - AngelGatomon - 09-25-2008

I'm cool with these blue jeans Cool

The capsule contains a Sake bottle.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - RyanCruey - 09-25-2008

"And SO HELP ME GOD IF-- Oh my god SAKE SWeeeeeeeeeeet!"

Drinks the whole thing

"And *hikup* So help me god that i make love to you all night."

The capsule contains *Hikups* A cute lucario.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Lucemon Chaos Mode - 09-27-2008

Oh no! It's my weakness! How did you know that?! I can't stand cute things! It makes me all...oh how cute! - Oh no, it's starting all over again! But it's so cute! Must...get...ahold...of...myself. It's CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!

The capsule contains a gigantic wild horny Renamon!