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RE: Digimon Capsule Game - eurtan - 05-24-2007

such a sexy couple! Er opps.

the capsule contains a slice the the 2 ton wedding cake. ( hey we had to try and have enough for everyone right? with over 1000 guest it needed to be large

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Colt - 05-24-2007

*eats cake and runs*

the capsule contains your most desired object

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Angemons_woman - 05-24-2007

Angemon!!!!*grabs and takes to secluded area.*

The capsule contains *YIFF*.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 05-24-2007

Keith: *yiffing Dawn*

Capsule contains spikes!

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Misty - 05-24-2007

Misty: *dodges spikes that are getting thrown at her* Where are those coming from!?!? >.<

Capsule contains the culprit.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - eurtan - 05-24-2007

have you learned you lesson? aww come one i know it's hat to flan with straps to and rack that's stretching you while your being slowly cooked alive and with you tongue cut out but at least you can try to apologize to misty.

that capsule contains my conscious and the better / nicer portion of what i call my soul.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Erethzium - 05-24-2007

*looks at it* ummmm....*throws back*

the capsule contained throwing DOWN (as opposed to throwing UP)

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - eurtan - 05-24-2007

hey it';s a fight scenes yea. ( gets hit by rejected cams and returned to normal. ) oh dear

the capsule contains a class 2 spirit bomb

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Kalyx - 05-25-2007

Kalyx: *puts in his pocket* I know who can use this.

The capsule contains a surprise wedding gift.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - eurtan - 05-25-2007

hands capsules to vook and slinks away

the capsules contains a bound angry ring gatomon