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- Crimson Fox - 11-15-2006

Monica: That gives me an idea! *runs off to make a Monica and L-Kurtz thread*

The capsule contains a left sock.

- Disturbed - 11-15-2006

Umm theres already a Kurtz and Yoosei one, it would be wierd.

The capsule contains Disturbed's fur..*blush*

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Me - #O.O# *dashes to Disturbed with a big blanket*

The capsule contains 12345678987654321 fireworks... with their fuses lit.

- Kurtz - 11-15-2006

Kurtz: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ---- *blows up after a huge explosion of colours*

The capsule contains Kurtz's remains.

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Me - *ressurects Kurtz* :x

The capsule contains a live Kurtz.

- Kurtz - 11-15-2006

Kurtz: *blinks* Where's Yunine and White, my beautiful daughter and my wife?

The capsule contains heaven.

- Disturbed - 11-15-2006

*gently tosses Dot in and closes the door and puts a "Do Not Open" sign*

The capsule contains a stereo

- Kurtz - 11-15-2006

Kurtz: Ack, screw my relations, game part. *jumps in after Dot and turns on the stereo*

The capsule contains rules.

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Me - *looking at Do Not Open sign* o.o ...

White - *zips out of nowhere and tackles Kurtz to the floor* ^u^ You called, hun? *giggles*
Yunine - ... *rolls eyes*

The capsule contains

- Disturbed - 11-15-2006

I dont know what to do with it!!! *converts it to american* Now its good!!

The capsule contains Crimson