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RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Kurtz - 05-11-2007

Kurtz: Why not Nath and Saphire? *shrug* But I do like the idea!

Nath: H-Hey! Don't I get a word in it?!

The capsule contains the thought.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - eurtan - 05-11-2007

oh my. do you think about you mum with that mind!

the capsule contains a waking dream.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Kalyx - 05-12-2007

*opens capsule* Ohhh!! Sweet Renamon!!

The capsule contains a week's worth of totally uninterrupted internet access.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Disturbed - 05-12-2007

Oh I'd get bored within 2 days or so probably.

The capsule contains a brand new digimon season directed by you

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Calibremon - 05-12-2007

nah, it'd never make it to air (The CEO's minds would explode from sheer awesome overload :P)

Capsule contains a portal to the digital world.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - eurtan - 05-12-2007

didn't i live this is a different capsule?

the capsule contains a d-tector

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Disturbed - 05-14-2007

Disturbed: *picks it up and looks at it* Cool...

Davis: Hey thats mine give it back!!

Disturbed: Oh it is is it? *grins as he quickly sends a message then throws it back*

Davis: Thanks..*walks off*

The capsule contains Drinky Crow

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 05-14-2007

I think i found my drinking buddy!

Capsule contains horrible sunburn on body


RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Misty - 05-14-2007

*screams* I HATE SUNBURN!!! I never fucking tan!! >.<

Capsule contains handcuffs

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - DarkChibimon - 05-14-2007

Me: You guys and girls aways give me ideas
Vee: What do you mean by that?
Me: You will see.
*I see a gatomon walking past*
Me: Bingo!
*I handcuffed the Gatomon after getting hit with Lighting paw*
Me: See I told you!
Vee: Oh man!

Capsule contains a handcuffed Gatomon