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- DJ Rocket - 11-11-2006

Rocket: *plugs in guitar.* 3... 2... 1...

*strikes strings very hard, window blows up in the distance.*

This capsule contains Kari and Rika.

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006

Uhh Hi..*steals their digivices and runs away*

Disturbed: *grabs Kurtz from behind giving suplexing him* What the hell is your problem!!! *huffs*

The capsule contains Plushy DMX

- Casey the furry one - 11-11-2006

Carman: So cute *cuddle plushie DMX*

The capsule contains a rocket launcher

- Kurtz - 11-11-2006

Kurtz: Oh, boom. *picks up the rocket launcher, throws it into Disturbed's face and growls* I kinda am starting to dislike you....

The capsule contains... *gasp* Tieya, Dot and Mitsuki!

- DJ Rocket - 11-11-2006

Rocket and T.K.: Stares for 5 secoonds then pass out.

This capsule contains Edge and Randy Orton. *gags*

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006


Disturbed:*tackles Kurtz from behind* Well I have no idea why dont you enlighten me!!

The capsule contains money

- Lonely Werewolf - 11-11-2006

Faiz : *grabs the money and burns it on fire*

The capsule contains carbon.

- Kurtz - 11-11-2006

Kurtz: Beer.... *drools*

The capsule has.... ANOTHER KURTZ! XD

- Disturbed - 11-11-2006

WHY DO YOU KEEP MAKING COPIES OF YOURSELF!!! I thought clones were stupid.

The capsule contains candy

- DJ Rocket - 11-11-2006

Rocket: Chomps down and suddenly goes into a sugar rage.* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

This capsule contains a dildo.