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RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Kalyx - 03-30-2007

Throws capsule toward Hawaii...another volcano, who'll notice?

The capsule contains a six-pack of Rena juice.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Disturbed - 03-30-2007

Disturbed: *guzzles it all down* Ahhh delicious *licks his fingers and chuckles*

The capsule contains a vixen and a dragoness in their skimpy pajamas

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 03-30-2007

Gol: *blinks then grins and pounces them wagging tail*

the capsule contains great yiffing.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Erethzium - 03-30-2007

Every time Vook & Altima meet. :P

the capsule contained an air conditioner

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Kalyx - 03-30-2007

*installs air conditioner in yiffing area* (gets kinda hot & sweaty in there) :D

The capsule contains a date with your favorite RPG character.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - DragonMasterX - 03-31-2007

DMX: Huh?

Mar: Don't even think about it.

Capsule contains watermelons.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 03-31-2007

Gol: *looks at Emerald* What are you doing with those watermelons?

Emerald: Nothing? just...holding them.

Gol: Ooohh.....right!

Capsule contains sandpaper

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Kurtz - 03-31-2007

Croquet: Excuse me while I sandpaper my throat. *takes sandpaper*

H. Nath: What, with Dot? *looks at the capsule DMX opened*

The capsule contains Meteor.

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Erethzium - 03-31-2007

PSSH meteor is useless compared to Meteor Storm!

the capsule contained FIR3 (for those of you who played FF1 on the NES )

RE: Digimon Capsule Game - Gol22 - 04-01-2007

Gol: AHHH! IT BURNS!! *rolls on floor* GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!

Capsule contains fire hose.