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- amaterasu - 11-15-2006

*reads trophy*Trophy for winning a killing bee.YAY!

Capsule contains a demon.

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Kiran - O.O ... TuT *runs off with trophie*
Me - ... 0.o'

The capsule now contains a holy hand grenade.

- Kurtz - 11-15-2006

Kurtz: *stunned at Poke's return to the Games Section, before the grenade explodes in his claw* OWWWWWWW!!

The capsule contains Kurtz's wrecked arm.

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Me - O.O ... >.< *SPAMs it back to where it should be... in mint condition FTW* ^_^

The capsule now contains a lump of gold the size of your head! :D

- Kurtz - 11-15-2006

Kurtz: YAY! *cuddles it*

The capsule contains a note saying:

"Pokepimp should be back in the Games Section, he's more fun wherever he goes."

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Me - ... *blushes* ##^.^##

The capsule now contains a huge bunch of roses.

- amaterasu - 11-15-2006

*gives roses to someone else*Yep.

Amat:*chases after Kiran*THAT IS MINE!

Capsule contains Exodia the forbidden one.

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Me - ^.^ *gives it to Yugi*
Yugi - o.o

The capsule contains someone's severed head... Twisted

- Kurtz - 11-15-2006

Kurtz: I told you, don't kill Kaiba again, Steven! *sweat-drops*

Steven: *holding up Kaiba's head* Okay, okay. So I killed the evil one. Does it make you unhappy?

Kurtz: Why I oughta...

The capsule contains Steven's time powers.

- Master Grim - 11-15-2006

Me - Twisted *warps back in time and everything suddenly ceses to exist* o.o ... ^_^' Heheh... oopsie...

The capsule contains Bin Laden! :shock: