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- Calibremon - 03-14-2007

I thought female Flamedramons were Aquarivamons?

Capsule contains confusion?

- Disturbed - 03-14-2007

Ahem They are I just made Flamderamon into a female, Aquarivamon would be a completely different Digimon..this one still holds its fire abilities...Aquarivamon hence the name holds water abilities..So technicly this is still Flamedramon.

The capsule contains understanding

- Erethzium - 03-14-2007


the capsule contained PYLON BALLS!!

- Disturbed - 03-14-2007

I've never heard of them before *throws them into the sky*

The capsule contains the Final Four tournament

- Erethzium - 03-14-2007

what is that? ?_?

lol we each dont know what the other put in the capsule :P

the capsule contained the thing you know the best

- Crimson Fox - 03-14-2007

Crimson: *opens capsule and finds a nuclear device* Of course, destruction! *laughs evilly*

The capsule contains the Dark Magician Girl.

Ada: Humph, what's so special about her.

- Disturbed - 03-14-2007

Silver: *jumps into Dark Magician Girl's arms and snuggles her*

Blythe: *grumbles then turns Dark Magician Girl into a toad* Always hated blondes..

The capsule contains a new wizard's hat

- Erethzium - 03-14-2007

Sweetness! *puts it on vook* you ARE the magician. :P

Vook: XD *straightens it*

the capsule contains a capsule containing a capsule containing a *punch*

the capsule containd a punch in the face

- Disturbed - 03-14-2007

Disturbed: *bits the fist and shakes it and blood poors out*

The capsule contains a bus

- Crimson Fox - 03-14-2007

Crimson: *looks in capsule and is run over by a bus* Ow, damn! *glares as the bus gets away* Prepare to meet your doom! *evilly laughs as he incinerates it with his death ray* Victory is mine!

The capsule contains churros.