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- Crimson Fox - 03-12-2007

Monica: <_<
*snatches vibrator and teleports into a NC-17 room*

The capsule contains a can of Pringles.

- Disturbed - 03-12-2007

*gasps and gobbles them up* I love these chips

Saphire: Hey those were mine!!

The capsule contains a sad face

- Crimson Fox - 03-12-2007

Crimson: Don't worry, I've got plenty, Saph. *gives Saphire another can*

The capsule contains smiles.

- Disturbed - 03-12-2007

Saphire: Oh thank you *takes the can and munches on a chip murring happily*

The capsule contains a happy tummy

- Crimson Fox - 03-12-2007

Crimson: Yup. *finishes eating a roast beef sandwich*

The capsule contains yuri.

- Wren,Kitsune Dragoon of C - 03-12-2007

CFR:*watches Clara & monica yiff eachother *awesome*takes out camcorder*

this capsule contains yaoi

- Disturbed - 03-13-2007

*restrains from violent acts and calms down before kicking the capsule away and walks away*

The capsule contains restrain

- Erethzium - 03-13-2007

Chains and stakes....

the capsule contained the best yiffy pic archive in the universe

- Kurtz - 03-13-2007

IT'S ALL DOT/KURTZ! PRAISE HOJO! *snuggles to heart*

The person below me is a JENOVA'S Witness :3

- Disturbed - 03-13-2007

Yes I've witnessed Jenova's death many times and have been the cause of them :3 the battle music kicked ass for it.

The capsule contains Sephiroth in as a dragon, now that would be cool.