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- Gol22 - 03-11-2007

WHOOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!! ....are we doomed?

Capsule contains pitch black!

- DarkChibimon - 03-11-2007

Me: What's this? *Open the Capsule and the room goes Pitch Black*
Me: What the? MegaFlamedramon! I need some light.
MegaFlamedramon: Sure here! *Used his Fire Sword move*
Me: Thanks!

Capsule contains a hit in the face!

- Gol22 - 03-11-2007

Gol: *gets punched in the face randomly* AH! >.< WTF?!
Steve: I had to, orders.
Gol: Bull! *rubs nose*

Capsule contains 'the boss'

- DragonMasterX - 03-11-2007

DMX: GET TO WORK NOW DAMNIT! *Folds massive arms and growls menacingly*

Capsule contains girly screams.

- Gol22 - 03-11-2007

*girls screaming*

Gol: *ears bleed* oww.....

Capsule contains a pain in the ass

- Erethzium - 03-12-2007

ow...that still hurts you know!! *rubs butt*

the capsule contained a box of devil dogs:

[Image: DDRF8PK.jpg]

- Disturbed - 03-12-2007

Disturbed: How can you eat those things! They look so fattening and way too many empty calories. *throws the box back and grabs a banana and eats*

The capsule contains a healthy choice

- Erethzium - 03-12-2007

indeed!! *eats a bag of peas* i dont know what it is about peas that makes them so GEWD!!

the capsule contained peas

- Calibremon - 03-12-2007

*uses peas for mini-catapult ammo*

Capsule contains desktop ballistics ^^

- Disturbed - 03-12-2007

Disturbed: *puts a bomb on it and blows them up* Yes!

The capsule contains a vibrator