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- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Me: holy SHIT!!! its the specs to Zero's armor!! *goes to build it*

the capsule contained a buisiness suit

- Disturbed - 03-11-2007

Disturbed: *puts it on and smiles as he looks in the mirror and slicks his hair back* Mmmm...not too bad..

Saphire: *eyes widen* You're wearing a shirt

The capsule contains a first time for something

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Vook: *DOESNT yiff*

the capsule contained a rubber spoon

- Guilmon and a shotgun - 03-11-2007

GMSG:*drops spoon and catches it over and over again* I'll NEVER get tired of this! lol

Capsule contains: a very wet renamon

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Guilmon(from my lemons): *yiffs renamon*

the capsule contained...DINNER!

- Guilmon and a shotgun - 03-11-2007

GMSG:YUM!*pounces dinner*

teh capsule contains: a Yiff magazine

- Roncel the Berserker - 03-11-2007

Wow Cool!!!! *Learned the ways of the yiff*

this capsule contains white stuff (Cornstarch)

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

corn starch? yuck. *throws it away*

Me: YES!!! IVE DONE IT!! ive built a complete replica of zero's armor!! *puts it on* whee im zeeeroooo ^__^

the capsule contained a suit of Zero's armor(NOT mine)

- Roncel the Berserker - 03-11-2007

*takes it and melt it and remorphed it into a sword*
Hahaha i have now an indestructible sword

This capsule contains a Donkey

- Gol22 - 03-11-2007


The capsule contains a whale! AH!