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- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

Astrianna & Calibremon: *kidnaps Vook, Zinc, Disturbed, Ebon and Saphire for 24 hour yiffing*

Capsule contains a nefarious plot.

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Me: *plotting to buy the Devil Dogs factory* ehehehehehh..

Zinc: stealing me!? ^_^ i wan yiff first!!

the capsule contained an immense amount of ammo

- Disturbed - 03-11-2007

Disturbed: *gasps and escapes the 24 hour yiffing with Saphire* No thank you sorry

The capsule contains commitments :P

- Kurtz - 03-11-2007

Nath: *comes in and grabs a sword* Calibre, Anne, get you're asses here. How DARE you try to yiff my WIFE!

The capsule contains wrath.

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

It was her idea!! :shock:

Astrianna: Yup Twisted

Capsule contains innocence ^^

- Kurtz - 03-11-2007

Nath: *appears behind Astrianna with a knife to her neck* Like to be dead?!

The capsule contains safety to Calibre.

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

Astrianna: You haven't the cajones. besides, I've been known to be netoriously hard to... dispose of. Twisted

Capsule contains Calibremon working behind the scenes.

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Zinc: *hides beind astrianna, then realizes where she is, poking at astrianna's butt* hehe... *notices the knife* hey! cut that out!

the capsul contained near death

- Disturbed - 03-11-2007

Disturbed: Hey I got a better idea!! *grins evilly as shadows start to gather around Disturbed*

The capsule contains torture?

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

Astrianna: oooh torture. Kinky.... Twisted

Capsule contains kink