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- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

*capsule pops out of Astrianna's mouth and crack open, Calibremon pouncing on the capsule* MINE!!!

Astrianna: Go to hell! *fights Calibremon for the Zinc-capsule*

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Zinc: *pops out the capsule naked* hiya! who ordered 1 long yiffing, hold the onions?

the capsule contained the answer

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

Calibremon & Astrianna: ME!!!

Capsule contains desperately horny canines :P

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Zinc *puts an arm over both of them* who's first? you *points to calibre* or you? *points to astrianna*

the capsule contained a big brawl

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

Astrianna: <.<;

Calibremon: >.>;

Capsule contains a total lack of violence.

Astrianna: Cuz I win.

Wait, why?

Astrianna: Cuz I just do. Twisted

Eep :shock:

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Zinc: k. *tackles astrianna and yiffs her*

the capsule contained a yiffing of thier life

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

Astrianna: *reappears, looking like she was hit with a truck* ...wow...

>.>; Lucky bitch...

Capsule contains jealousy

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

Zinc: your turn! *yiffs Calibremon*

the capsule contained herm yiffing!

- Disturbed - 03-11-2007

Ebon: *joins in the yiffing making it a threesome*

The capsule contains a big threesome orgy

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

woah... @_@;;

Astrianna: ...lucky.

Capsule contains unusual sore places >,<;