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- Calibremon - 03-10-2007

*opens* oh wow... a perfect tesserac... octachoron...

Capsule contains a simplistic mind

- Crimson Fox - 03-10-2007

Crimson: Objection! *jumps up from capsule and hits head and the ceiling*

Zorromon: Overruled. *laughs*

The capsule contains a wormhole.

- Kurtz - 03-10-2007

Kurtz: It's a white hole.

Lurea: What does it do?

Kurtz: Well, since all matter has an opposite, a black hole has a white hole, where matter is technically spewed back into the universe. So, we might experience points where time repeats itself.

Lurea: So, what is it?

Kurtz: It's a white hole.

Lurea: Well, what does it do?

The capsule contains a huge pool cue and planets.

- Erethzium - 03-10-2007


the capsule contained a brand spankin new DS and a copy of Children of Mana!!!

- DarkChibimon - 03-10-2007


This capsule contained Demiveemon and a Dark Digi-egg of Courage.

- Roncel the Berserker - 03-11-2007

yeah but only pictures of them

this capsule is empty

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

damnit! and i paid $9999999999911 for it too!

the capsule contained a money-back guarantee

- Roncel the Berserker - 03-11-2007

yeah but it go expired an hour ago

this capsule contains a black hole

- Calibremon - 03-11-2007

*opens* What the... *gets sucked the gravispatial anomaly*

This capsule contains Calibremon.

Astrianna: Hmm... *eats*

Astrianna: THIS capsule contains lunch.

- Erethzium - 03-11-2007

ugh no thanks. i already ate. :|

the capsule contained a long yiffing from Zinc