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- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Disturbed: I knew I should have put the Q-T so you would have read it correctly *eyes widen and pounces Tieya's butt and yiffs her butt hard yet pleasurably so*

The capsule contains Onyxia and Eranikus having wild dragon sex in their normal giant forms.

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Kurtz: *tries to watch* Godamnit Cage! Get the video!

The capsule contains Dot again.

Kurtz: *snatches her* Nope.

The capsule contains nothing but the binoculars Kurtz uses to spy on Dot.

- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Ebon: *walks into the same room as Dot and smiles* Hiya Dot whats up

The capsule contains contraversy

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Kurtz: Ebon, Dot ain't here. *points to the binoculars* Those were in the capsule.

The capsule contains confusion.

- Erethzium - 03-07-2007

HUH?!?!!? Awl is in Confusion! AWL used Beat Down instead!

the capsule contained a severe pummeling

- Gol22 - 03-07-2007

Steve: *scratches where he was being pummeled at* What was that?

Capsule contains claymore mines

- Disturbed - 03-10-2007

Disturbed: Oh I love these things *takes out a bouncy ball and throws it into the claymore mines*

The capsule contains a big beach with white sand, greenish blue ocean scenary and the beach is littered with dragoness's and vixens 8)

- Calibremon - 03-10-2007

*opens the tiny capsule and meeps as the mass of sand, water, and scantily-clad females pours out* @_@;

dude... I love these lil things... *holds up the remains of the tiny capsule*

Capsule contains Dimensional Trenscendentality (The quasi-physical ability of an object to be bigger on the inside than on the outside. w00t for Doctor Who)

- Disturbed - 03-10-2007

Disturbed: *opens up the capsule and an obese midget falls out* haha very funny

The capsule contains lods of underwear o.O

- Erethzium - 03-10-2007

Weee-hew!! *puts the underwear on his head and runs around*

the capsule contained a 4-dimensional HyperCube