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- DragonMasterX - 03-07-2007

Dot: So here it was! *Grabs the bra and slips it into her shirt, her bust lifting as it presses her breasts together onto a noticeable cleavage on her blouse*

Capsule contains nose-bleeding.

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Kurtz: Do I need to nosebleed? It's my- *looks at Dot, before falling back with a nose-bleed*

The capsule contains irony.

- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Disturbed: I always hated spinach

Saphire: Thats not that kind of irony he was talking about.

Disturbed: But its still irony..since it has iron and stuff

The capsule contains a binding spell

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Kurtz: Quickly! Throw the capsule to Dot! Then I can pleasure her and keep her from work all year round!-

The capsule contains Tieya's grip.

- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Disturbed: *is gripped tightly by Tieya in her suprisingly strong arms* You were always a lot stronger than you looked *smiles and gives her a peck on the nose as he wags his tail*

The capsule contains vines

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Nath: *uses them to bring Saphire closer and cuddles her* Always good to be innocent. *licks her cheek*

The capsule contains... DOT!

- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Disturbed: *puts a big red bow on her hair and puts a posted note on her shirt reading "QT" on the posted note* Heh

The capsule contains Onyxia

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Kurtz: *drools, before slapping himself mentally* QT?

The capsule contains hell.....!

- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Disturbed: Been there done that, by the way I meant "QT" as short for cutie

The capsule contains understanding and pie

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Kurtz: *grabs pie, eats* Ah, I thought it was an abbreviation for something else.

The capsule contains Tieya's butt.