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- Disturbed - 03-06-2007

Muwahaha!!! *Earthshock, Earthbind, and Magma Totem* Woot ownage

The capsule contains a boat load of Aquarivamon..havent used them in deh longest time :P

- DragonMasterX - 03-06-2007

DMX: *Humping Aqua from behind* Used who?

Boat of Aquas: HE SAID WE ARE JUST TOOLS! GET HIM! *Tackle Disturbed into mud*

Capsule contains two tit-anic girls fighting in mud.

- Gol22 - 03-06-2007

Gol: *blinks watching and drooling* .....where am i?

Capsule contains the Aqua action!

- Erethzium - 03-06-2007

its already here! *watches*

the capsule contained 1 cinnamon brown sugar pop tart.

- Disturbed - 03-06-2007

*throws the poptart away* Not time for eat..time for action!!! *counters the tackling grabbing the four Aquas in his tail large arms with their butts sticking out* now now thats now way to behave..you must be punished!! *four shadow tenticles rise up and start spanking the individual Aquas*

The capsule contains punishment

- Erethzium - 03-06-2007

Vook: punishment? but- oh i get it....

the capsule contained Vook, again.

- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Disturbed: *orders the four shadow tenticles all into Vook's pussy and they all start to twist, turn, sliding in and out of her pussy*

The capsule contains the love for tenticles

- DragonMasterX - 03-07-2007

*Grabs graffiti and writes it for Disturbed* Under a sky of dust.

The capsule contains the truth.

- Disturbed - 03-07-2007

Disturbed: Okay I admit it..I listen to 3 Doors Down *lowers his head*

The capsule contains Ebon in a room with zero gravity and she's floating around.

- Kurtz - 03-07-2007

Kurtz: *leaps in*

The capsule contains.... a bra.