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- Erethzium - 02-19-2007


the capsule contained BAD JUJU!

- Disturbed - 02-19-2007

Sounds like fruity candy *pops a juju in his mouth and his fur starts growing white spots and grows horns like a minatour* Hmm..not that back *turns around and walks off now with three tails, on his own the other two a dragon's tail and bull's tail*

The capsule contains Ebon sitting on a sofa in a heated room.

- Erethzium - 02-19-2007

Ereth: what the- how did i get he- oh...hello Ebon. you're looking fine tonight. lol

the capsule contained a Thunder Blizzard!

- Kurtz - 02-19-2007

*casts it on Ereth* WOOT

The capsule contains an OMFG message.

- Erethzium - 02-19-2007

the message said "OMFG U R A T3H L337 H4><0|2$!!!121!1!!!``1"

the capsule contained a revoking of caps lock privlidges

- Kurtz - 02-19-2007

kurtz: oh crap caps lock is gone.

The capsule contains a lock of posting.

- Erethzium - 02-19-2007

that makes no sense X_x

the capsule contained a POOF

- Kurtz - 02-19-2007

It meant you shouldn't be posting.

Kurtz: *suddenly a hat poofs over his head* Hey, nice~!

The capsule contains all the guilt I carry at the moment.

- Erethzium - 02-19-2007

wha~??? O_o; i dont really know how much there is. and i bet that i dont want to know either.....

Vook: aww dont feel guilty!

Tiffandrix: you dont even know why he's feeling like that :?

the capsule contained happiness or somthing like that

- Kurtz - 02-19-2007

Kurtz: *throws it away and growls*

The capsule contains Papa Roach.