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- Erethzium - 02-14-2007

omfg! just what i needed! *uses it on Vook*

Vook: huh..? what? goddamnit...did i faint again after doing it with Ereth? :?

the capsule contained the essence of Yiffyness.

- Disturbed - 02-15-2007

Disturbed: *hops out of the capsule*

The capsule contains laughter

- Kurtz - 02-15-2007

Kurtz: *laughing at a picture of Disturbed in a clown suit* Hilarious!

The capsule contains the world's greatest artist's drawing of Dot.

- Disturbed - 02-15-2007

Disturbeed: *crumbles up the drawing and tosses it and replaces it with a drawing of Tieya* Mucho better

The capsule contains a cutie picture of Snow :3

- Erethzium - 02-15-2007

Ereth: ohhh so THATS what she looks like!

the capsule contained a cup of pudding and a spoon.

- Misty - 02-17-2007

*throws it at someone's head* Eww...I hate pudding.. >_< >_< >_< >_<

Capsule contains plot to kill all the preps in my school...

- Erethzium - 02-17-2007

Ereth: mweh heh heh heh....this will work great.... Twisted

Vook: O_o;

the capsule contained a fucking awesome weekend

- Gol22 - 02-17-2007

Drinking and Bowling! Kick ass! ^^

Capsule contains some ass who wants my money.

- Erethzium - 02-18-2007

Jelly Bean Gnome: YO! GIMME ALL YO JELLY BEANZ!!! (jelly beans are thier currency)

the capsule contained chocolate chip waffles.

- Guilmon and a shotgun - 02-18-2007

*MUNCH* not anymore!

Teh capsule contains friends