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- Misty - 02-14-2007

I'm staying away from that one...not gonna go there...

Capsule contains a decret notebook full of secrets about taking over the world.

- Disturbed - 02-14-2007

Disturbed: I'll take it *the femme Flamedramon busts through* Take this!! *throws the book at the femme flamedramon and it just sticks into the blade in her helmet* It didnt work!!! *tries to run away but the femme flamey is right behind him*

The capsule contains danger

- Kurtz - 02-14-2007

Kurtz: I'll intervene! *steps in front of the femme Flamedramon and smiles softly* Heyah! Sorry for my friend's rude actions - whatever they may be - but surely, could you explain to me why you are angry?

The capsule contains a hope.

- Disturbed - 02-14-2007

Disturbed: I didnt do shit!! I was watching the Renamon vs Shadow's royal rumble then she busts in throwing a tude.

Femme Flamedramon: *growls as she throws Kurtz asside walking towards Disturbed with and evil grin on her face*

The capsule contains help!

- Erethzium - 02-14-2007

DA DA DA-DA~!! ERETH TO THE RE- *gets thrown aside by femme flamedramon*

the capsule contains immenent doom.

- Disturbed - 02-14-2007

Disturbed: O.O Oh no!! I cant hit a girl!! *tries to back up but gets into a corner* Oh no

Femme Flamedramon: *gets right up to Disturbed's face growling with a grin on her face* Why would you want to hit me *brings her armored claw up then makes a little movement with her bladed fingers snipping the belt of her helmet letting it fall* when I have such a cute face *murs happily, midclosing her eyes and nuzzles the wolf's muzzle*

Disturbed: Oh crap!!! *checks his watch and gasps* Its the femme flamedramon mating date!! She's in heat!!

The capsule contains and unfortunate event.

- Erethzium - 02-14-2007

Ereth: *falls down a hole* OH KNOEZ!! *loses a life, reappears back where he came from*

the capsule contained the best videogame in the world!

Ethan: Vidjamagames! like swimming in liquid cake!

- Misty - 02-14-2007

*plays Final Fantasy* This is the best game in the world :D

Capsule contains something nasty smelling..

- Erethzium - 02-14-2007

Ereth: WHOOF! *faints*

the capsule contained 1000 gil!

- Misty - 02-14-2007

*hums the victory music from the old Final Fantasy games*

Capsule contains a Phoenix Down