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- Disturbed - 02-08-2007

Raize: *takes a blowtorch to them*

The capsule contains burns

- Erethzium - 02-08-2007

Ereth: Burns? oh....OW OW HOLY SHIT!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *jumps in ice bucket* ahhhhh....... aah cold!

the capsule contained an iced drink

- Disturbed - 02-08-2007

Raize: *growls loudly as he sits in her beer she poured out*...I'll give you a head start *squints her eyes sharply*

The capsule contains Raize and a loaded submachine gun...*click*

- Erethzium - 02-08-2007

Ereth: oh....god........ *Ereth Equips Armor of Fortifications! -100% damage from bows and guns!*

Ereth: whew.... dont point that thing at me! ill go rageskai all ovr your ass!

the capsule contained a horde of ninjas.

- Disturbed - 02-08-2007

Disturbed: *makes a sharp whistle and the entire Horde army charges in behind him*

The capsule contains the entire Horde army

- Erethzium - 02-08-2007

Ereth: eh? i dont need an army! i am a one man army!! RAGESKAI!!

*all the horde gets shocked*

Ereth: eh heh heh heh Twisted

the capsule contained (V)@D $|

- Calibremon - 02-08-2007

Anna: *yawn*

Capsule contains /\/00b $|

- Disturbed - 02-08-2007

I dont speak leet speak o.O

The capsule contains glue

- Crimson Fox - 02-08-2007

Crimson: *uses glue with box of popsicle sticks to make an elaborate skyscraper* Sweet.

Zorromon: Humph. *makes a house of cards to rival the skyscraper before a breeze passes by to blow it down* F***!

The capsule contains a scythe.

- Disturbed - 02-08-2007

Blythe: Out with the old *whips out his mage blade Ada gave him and destroys the scythe* and in with the new *smiles happily at the blade*

The capsule contains a sword in the stone