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- Kurtz - 11-14-2006

Like I need it. *sighs*

The capsule contains a sanctuary for the person opening it.

- Disturbed - 11-14-2006

Tieya could actually use that...to protect herself from me and my stupid decisions

The capsule contains a puppy

- Kurtz - 11-14-2006

Tieya: *sends the puppy to Disturbed* You need it more.

The capsule contains a message from Tieya.

- Disturbed - 11-14-2006

*drops to his knees grabbing the note and hugs it dearly*

The capsule contains Disturbed

- Crimson Fox - 11-14-2006

Monica: *opens the capsule and sees Disturbed hugging the note* Wolfy... *pulls him out*

The capsule contains a blanket.

- Kurtz - 11-14-2006

Tieya: *wraps it around Disturbed, before sighing, and walking off*

The capsule contains a warm fire.

- Disturbed - 11-14-2006

I wish I could share one with Tieya and Rosa...

The capsule contains forgiveness

- DragonMasterX - 11-14-2006

DMX: Aww... here *Snaps fingers and throws a small fireball, then throws it making a campfire for Disturbed* Stupid sentimenstalism.

Capsule contains growth potion for girls.

- Disturbed - 11-14-2006

Ayane: *looks around before taking the potions and her breasts become a DDD cup* Whoa!!

The capsule contains the new Ayane

- DragonMasterX - 11-14-2006

Mar: *Knocked out from a massive nose-bleed*

Capsule contains the knocked out, but aroused Mar.