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- Erethzium - 02-05-2007

Ereth: O_O *erection*

the capsule contained a wii

- Disturbed - 02-05-2007

*trades it in for an Xbox360* Haha eat it!!

The capsule contains Yuriness *drools*

- Erethzium - 02-05-2007

Ereth: oh GOD.

capsule contained dry ice.

- Disturbed - 02-05-2007

*looks in* Huh I guess its not here anymore

The capsule contains a Renamon and a Aquaveemon 69ing *drools*

- Erethzium - 02-05-2007

Ereth & A's_L: *drools*

the capsule contained vermiculite.

- Disturbed - 02-05-2007

What is that? Can you eat it?

The capsule contains pies

- Erethzium - 02-05-2007

agh, *throws the pies at Gol*

Ereth: No, vermiculite is NOT a food. its like little tiny crystals that when you soak them in water, they turn into little globs of sponge-like jelly. they retain water well, but not reccommended as a snack.

the capsule contained Taomon

- Calibremon - 02-05-2007

*tears Taomon's robe to shreds just to see what she looks like underneath*

Capsule contains irresistable curiousity.

- Disturbed - 02-05-2007

Disturbed: *takes a look* Very noice!! *gives Taomon a smack on her ass*

The capsule contains no regrets

- Erethzium - 02-05-2007

I REGRET NOTHING!!! *destroys pluto*

heh heh....hand that taomon over here....

t3h c@p$uL3 c0|\|t@|\|3D L337Speak