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- Gol22 - 02-04-2007

Gol: ... Yay! I'm special! ^^

Emerald: Ed...

Gol: Hey!! im not retarded... <.<

Emerald: *puts helmet on Gol's head* there you go.

Gol: ..... *glares*

Capsule contains the handicap olympics!

- DragonMasterX - 02-04-2007

DMX: Wanna see boxing!

Capsule contains a good match of boxing.

- Erethzium - 02-04-2007

Ereth: *punched in the FACE* ouch, my face is punched through the back of my head. does anyone have a bandage before i start bleeding uncontrollably?

the capsule contained one handful of Crushed Dragon's Teeth.


the capsule contained pudding

- DragonMasterX - 02-04-2007

DMX: *Eats capsule* Tasty.

Dot: Weren't you supposed to take the pudding out first?

DMX: There was pudding inside?

Capsule contains a horny Kaiser dragon.

- Kurtz - 02-04-2007

Rosa: *pounces the large Kaiser Dragon*

The capsule contains a tank.

- Erethzium - 02-04-2007

Angewomon's_Lover: WOOHOO! now i can go blow up the world!!!!

Ereth: thats not very smart.

Angewomon's_Lover: Pshh, says YOU.

the capsule contained an infinite energy source

- Calibremon - 02-05-2007

Finally... something that can power my laptop for more than 5 minutes *plugs in*

Now I can finish my photoshopping :P

Capsule contains The Photoshop Game

- Disturbed - 02-05-2007

Disturbed: *scratches his head* I dont have photoshop

The capsule contains an unfortunate event

- Calibremon - 02-05-2007

*is suddenly saddened for no apparent reason*

You don't need photoshop to play the Photoshop game. All you need is some form of picture editing software. Hell, you can even use MS Paint if you really want to...

Capsule contains enlightenment.

- Erethzium - 02-05-2007

oh! i got an idea!!

i'll go finish writing.

The capsule contained the BEST FRICKIN LEMON this world has ever seen.