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- Gol22 - 02-02-2007

*uses it to talk to everyone lots!* Weeeee!!!!

Capsule contains a stick of dynamite

- Misty - 02-03-2007

*blows up the White House* O_O Oops...

Capsule contains a chicken with its head cut off.

- Gol22 - 02-03-2007


Capsule contains a 100' LCD TV

- Disturbed - 02-03-2007

*takes it so he can watch the Super Bowl on it*

The person below me is invited to the Super Bowl Party

- Erethzium - 02-03-2007

this isnt the "person below me" topic!!! =P ill b over in a jiffy! if i knew where ur house was :P

the capsule contained a liftime supply of everything you dont need.

- Disturbed - 02-03-2007

Woot!!! We need wings, booze, more wings, pizzas aswell as pizza rolls, popcorn chicken, chips and dip....

The capsule contains a mad party!!

- DragonMasterX - 02-03-2007

*Capsule bursts and a keg comes out*

DMX: A real party.

Capsule contains a cake, I'd eat it now since I'm starving, but I'll give it to you.

- Disturbed - 02-03-2007

Disturbed: *slices the cake in half and gives the other half to DMX* There!

The capsule contains sharing :3

- Kurtz - 02-03-2007

Heh. Oh, how nice it is to share.

The capsule contains Rosa. In a sexy elf outfit :3

- DragonMasterX - 02-03-2007


Capsule contains a black ticket following your favorite anime girl's crotch, butt and chest all the time while she's naked.