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- Misty - 01-29-2007

*rocks fall on Disturbed*

Capsule contains pain

- Disturbed - 01-29-2007

Disturbed: Ouch...oh..that hurts..

The capsule contains a mosh pit

- Gol22 - 01-30-2007

Gol: HELL YEAH! *starts pushing into crowd with the song*

Capsule contains a nice view up in Lake Elsinore

- Misty - 01-30-2007

Hun..Lake Elsinore looks amazing from your video...I wanna go if I'm there this summer...

Capsule contains the grim reaper.

- Disturbed - 01-30-2007

Disturbed: *gives him the middle finger and gives him a Stone Cold Stunner*

The capsule contains stupid wrestling

- Gol22 - 01-30-2007

Steve: *grins and picks up Gol, and doing The Last Ride move on him, slamming him through the floor* YEAH! *holds arms up in air into fists*

Gol: X_x

Capsule contains Ron Bergendi

- Disturbed - 01-30-2007

Fuck You San Diego
I love lamp!!

The capsule contains Homer Simpson

- Misty - 02-01-2007

DOH! Mmmm....donuts. Mmmm....beer.

Capsule contains Stewie Griffin.

- Gol22 - 02-01-2007

Stewie: BLAST!!

*punts him away like football* ITS GOOD! :D

Capsule contains Mout. Everest

- Misty - 02-01-2007

Misty: *looks up* Damn...that thing is huge!!! O_O

Capsule contains free internet for life!! Restrictions may apply.