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- Misty - 01-25-2007

*war breaks out* Err...I don't think that was supposed to happen

Capsule contains a valentine. O_o

- DragonMasterX - 01-26-2007

*Puts it back on a Capsule and sends it back*

Capsule contains a huge heart shaped box with millions of chocolate bombons adressed by DMX to a girl.

- Kurtz - 01-26-2007

Rosa: YAY! *huggles it*

The capsule contains Rosa tied up in loads of ribbons XD

- Disturbed - 01-26-2007

Justin: Whoa!! Draggy!! *pounces inside the capsule and closes it*

The capsule contains a grumpy old man

- DragonMasterX - 01-26-2007

DMX: *Kicks him away and puts Breaking the Habit on* ROCK ON! *Flashes red*

ZX-Dragon: Whoops, forgot this made me transform too.

Capsule contains the all time handsome ZX-Dragon.

- Misty - 01-26-2007

*looks at ZX-Dragon* O_o What the....

Capsule contains the Apocalypse

- Disturbed - 01-26-2007

Disturbed: *slices off one of its legs and causes it to crash* Light weight

The capsule contains Chucky

- Gol22 - 01-26-2007

Gol: Stupid doll! *kicks away into wood chipper*

Capsule contains evilness

- Misty - 01-27-2007

*grows devil horns* MUAHAHAHA *lights the Anaheim Stadium on fire*

Capsule contains fire!

- Disturbed - 01-29-2007

Disturbed: *unzips his pants and pees the fire out* AAHhhh...

The capsule contains rocks