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- Crimson Fox - 01-18-2007

Crimson: *driving down the road and sees a deer jump out of the capsule and stop before his car, the deer's eyes widening as it doesn't make a move*

*Two minutes later*

Crimson: *crashed into a tree whilst the deer laughs at him* Okay, that's it, I officially hate deers. *breathes fire on the deer* Anyone for deer burgers?

The capsule contains a chocolate milkshake.

- Disturbed - 01-19-2007

Saphire: Oh thank you!! *drinks the chocolate milkshake swishing her tail as she releases from the cup she has a chocolate milk on her upper lip* Mmm thats good

The capsule contains satisfaction

- Misty - 01-19-2007

<_< Bleh chocolate milk...it is refreshing though..

Capsule contains a cow.


- Disturbed - 01-20-2007

Yay for Tauren..wait Tauren are Bison *scratches head*

The capsule contains a Darkspear Troll

- Crimson Fox - 01-20-2007

Crimson: Monster! Kill, kill, kill! *uses Death Ray attack and deals 542 damage*

Troll: Son of a f... *is blasted into dust*

Crimson: Ah, sweet, sweet EXP.

The capsule contains fried chicken.

- DragonMasterX - 01-20-2007

Fried Chicken: *Not there*

DMX: *Standing there*

Dot: Couldn't you wait till I prepared the fries?

DMX: Your fault for not bringing any of the tasty young college teachers.

Capsule contains DMX in meat season.

- Gol22 - 01-20-2007

And dont come out! *closes door* done!

Capsule contains wall of sticky syrup

- Disturbed - 01-21-2007

Disturbed: *throws a Renamon at the wall and she sticks to it* Hehe...*starts hosing her down with Rena Sauce*

The capsule contains a Renamon stuck to the wall

- Gol22 - 01-21-2007

Gol: *blinks* I'll get ya down. *grabs her paws an puts both feet against wall and tries to pull her off, but ends up getting stuck against wall by feet* ......crud...

Capsule contains flailing arms like mad

Gol: Gimme down!

- Misty - 01-21-2007

Misty: *watches* Hehe...this is fun to watch...

Capsule contains a kitten