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- Calibremon - 01-14-2007

*steals the cruelty* Rawr XD

Capsule contains a Dreamsicle

- Gol22 - 01-14-2007

Gol: Hmm...*licks* ..... *falls sleep and dreams*

Capsule contains Gol's dream.

- Misty - 01-15-2007

Gol's Dream: *Misty arriving at Gol's doorstep with bags and everything*

Capsule contains the rest of Gol's dream

- Disturbed - 01-15-2007

Misty and Gol with 15 kids a dog named Joe

The capsule contains a hot dog

- Gol22 - 01-15-2007

*put ketchup and cheese and eats it* Mmmmm....

Capsule contains song: Awake - Godsmack

- Disturbed - 01-16-2007

Awsome song man!! Good band too

The capsule contains Mudvayne

- Misty - 01-16-2007

Meh..they're okay...

Capsule contains Justin Timberlake.

- DragonMasterX - 01-16-2007

*Switchs capsule and Luciana Salazar comes out*

DMX: *Steam comes from his crotch* WOOOHOOO!

Capsule contains horny DMX:

- Misty - 01-16-2007

Hey hey...remember...keep the topics non NC-17 rated DMX

Capsule contains a blade.

- DragonMasterX - 01-16-2007


Quote:Hey hey...remember...keep the topics non NC-17 rated DMX

Nobody said a thing about NC-17 things, this is a porn site, it'd be like cutting a bird's wings.

Shadow's rules apply to explicit adult content on Role Plays and I didn't write a Lemonish scene. What did you read?


DMX: *Grabs Blade and breaks his neck* There, no more vampire hunter.

Capsule contains Keanu Reeves.