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- Misty - 01-12-2007

*gasp* Pudding!! *takes and eats*

Capsule contains Go-Gurt

- Disturbed - 01-12-2007

*steps on the go-gurt and it squirts out* hehe

The capsule contains flying Go-Gurt

- Crimson Fox - 01-13-2007

Crimson: *is hit in the face by flying Go-Gurt* Oh god, I hope this isn't what I think this is. *quickly runs to wash his face*

The capsule contains a fun house mirror.

- Disturbed - 01-13-2007

Disturbed: *walks in and sees himself* Hey!! Damn copy cat!! *charges at the mirror and crashes into it*

Blythe: ......

The capsule contains stupidity

- Calibremon - 01-13-2007

gud lawd I hope its not contagious o_o;

Capsule contains Cal's $1500 handmade bass guitar... wait, WHAT!?

- Gol22 - 01-13-2007

*takes and runs* MINE!

Capsule contains a tastey BBQ steak by Gol!

- Disturbed - 01-13-2007

*takes it and puts it down his pants* Whew spicy

The capsule contains a bear

- Misty - 01-13-2007

Ohhh shit * runs*

Capsule contains a bad smell

- Disturbed - 01-13-2007

*smells then quickly throws up*

The capsule contains a cute kitten

- Misty - 01-13-2007

KITTY!!!! *snuggles it*

Capsule contains music