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- Calibremon - 01-11-2007

Carl has now become a fuel source.

Capsule contains a kitty-powered WMD

- Kurtz - 01-11-2007

*staring at it* Yikes.....

The capsule contains a female Weregarurumon.

- Calibremon - 01-11-2007

*drags away to do obscene things that cannot be mentioned lest the breaking of the rules*

Capsule contains wolfsecks

- Kurtz - 01-11-2007

*watching and recording*

The capsule contains evil.

- Disturbed - 01-11-2007

Oh I wont put that..*shoots the barney in the head*

The capsule contains a female Leomon

- Misty - 01-12-2007

*finds Disturbed then brings him in the room* Enjoy..

Capsule contains yiffy noises.

- Disturbed - 01-12-2007

Disturbed: *blinks and stops and sets the female Leomon free* No sex seens now remember.

The capsule contains rules

- Gol22 - 01-12-2007

*Book saying "Da Rulez"* Yes the rules!


Capsule contains scaryness!

- Misty - 01-12-2007

Disturbed...Wolfey meant...like a continued RP...if it's just part of the game...then it's okay.


*gets scared and hides* Hey! Don't do that hun!! >_<

Capsule contains German Potato Salad

- Disturbed - 01-12-2007

Yummy...but he clearly stated no sexual content at all...so no more..

The capsule contains pudding