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- DragonMasterX - 11-13-2006

DMX: *Absorbs Kemaro's soul and hybrid turns into a huge monstrous dragon with sharp fangs, three tails and four golden wings*

Mar: HEY! You rip-off of my DarkFire Dragon form!

Capsule contains the HolyFire Dragon.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

Awsome *absorbs the HolyFire Dragon's essance* Awsome Holy Fire Disturbed woot

The capsule contains Ashkandi, Brotherhood of Dragons greatsword

- blueeyedgabulvo0o - 11-13-2006

The sword starts singing Opera


The capsule contains a yo-yo.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

I can never get those things to work

The capsule contains well a Gabumon

- blueeyedgabulvo0o - 11-13-2006

Gabumon could only talk japeanease...

LG: Gabugabu! XD!~!!!!

This here capsule contains a voting ballet with George W.Bush and kerry inside it....

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

*shrugs* George Bush I suppose

The capsule contains Guilmon

- fred_18 - 11-13-2006

say "great, wheres takato when you need him?"

the capsule contains a Raremon

- Lonely Werewolf - 11-13-2006

Faiz : "kicks Raremon's butt" Hell no. Go to other place!

The capsule contains a notebook.

- Kurtz - 11-13-2006

*grabs the notebook* It's the magic no---

Tieya: I WANT IT! *writes in there* I wish I could screw Disturbed over, and stab him in the head.... whenever I want to.

The capsule contains Tieya's fury.

- Disturbed - 11-13-2006

*hugs her and confronts it like a real lover would*

Disturbed: What...did I do wrong???

The capsule contains Disturbed's apology...yet I dont know for what.